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What is Library OneSearch? What does it search?

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LibraryOneSearch is a Google-like search engine that searches the majority of Wesleyan's library resources (both online and offline materials).

The most effective way to use it is to start by searching a few keywords, then narrow down your search results by using the refinements on the left-hand side of the screen.

What does it search?
Library OneSearch searches a large portion (but not all) of the Wesleyan libraries' materials and subscriptions.  It searches:

Resource NameDescriptionHow much is included in OneSearch?
Wesleyan's library catalogbooks, recordings, videos, etc. held in the Wesleyan libraries100%
CTW's library catalogbooks, recordings, videos, etc. held in the Connecticut College and Trinity College libraries100%
WesScholartheses and other scholarly output created by Wesleyan authors100%
Library Subject and Research Guideslibrarian-picked resources for doing research in specific subject areas100%
Journals, newspaper articles, conference papers and much more from 140,000+ journals and other periodicalsto find out which are included, check the participating publishers and serials titles lists.92%

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