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How do I connect my laptop to the Wesleyan network?

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Wireless network access is available throughout the libraries. 

Faculty, Staff, and Students - For details on accessing wireless, see the instructions from Information Technology Services.

Alumni and visitors/guests - You can obtain access via a self-registration page that is presented upon connecting to the Wes-Guest network.
Plugging in
Network jacks are located throughout Olin Library and the on the upper level of the Science Library. Library users with network ready laptops can plug them into these data jacks for access to both the Wesleyan network and the Internet.  You'll need:

  • a network (ethernet) card
  • an ethernet cable
  • a Wesleyan login or Wesleyan Guest account

Because of technical constraints, not all the data jacks in the libraries have been activated. Those that are active are indicated by a sign either on the wall next to the jack or on the study table or desk nearest to it.